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The Soil and Water Conservation District is made up of five commissioners elected by citizens of Boone County every four years that guide and oversee field office activity.


It is the mission of the Boone SWCD to assist producers and landowners in adopting practices that protect and improve soil and water quality. Their work is guided by a Five-Year Soil & Water Resource Conservation Plan, including a set of four main priority goals. The priority goals were established in collaboration with input from a Local Working Group (consisting of farmers, local business owners, and other residents of the community), Boone Commissioners and Natural Resources Conservation Service staff.

The priority goals are:

  • Improve awareness of, and involvement with, Boone SWCD.

  • Promote and encourage the adoption of practices that improve soil health, such as cover crops and reduced tillage practices.

  • Promote and improve Boone County’s wildlife habitat, such as woodlands, pollinator habitat, buffers, rivers and waterways.

  • Partner with organizations doing similar work in Boone County to increase effectiveness at achieving goals.

Click here to read Boone County SWCD's 2021 - 2025 Resource Conservation Plan.


About the SWCD

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